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September 14, 2002

The new school year has started and it is time to get rolling again.  As every year, we had a few of our most knowledgeable students graduate and move on in life, making the team slightly shorthanded.  Our first car clinic was Wednesday night, and we now have an enthusiastic group of new students eager to learn Electrathon technology!  Our agenda for the year will be to rebuild two of our four cars from scratch and do major reconstruction on our newest high speed car.  Every year it is our goal to go faster than the previous year, it is the only way to stay  on top.

Our last race, SolWest, was a great success.  Out of 4 cars entered we won both first and second place in the student category.  We loaned one of our cars out to an adult driver interested in the sport. He had never before even witnesses an actual race.  When the score was totaled he had taken second place in the two day race! 

One more race this year, Eugene.  It will be in one week.  We will tune our cars and try for another victory.  We will continue to be a winning force in Electrathon.


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